A Message from Sarah:

Do you remember a gift you received, either for your birthday or Christmas, that when you opened it, you were so excited that they only natural response was to tell anyone and everyone about it. I remember mine. It was one Christmas when I was about 5 and I opened the most amazing present: twin cabbage patch dolls, one boy and one girl. Oh they were beautiful! They had matching blue valuer outfits trimmed in lace. I remember opening them and wanting to tell the world about the greatest gift I just got (And I think I did:)) And even though I had more gifts under the tree to open I didn't care to see what they were because I already had the greatest gift ever.

When I became a Christian at the age of 13, I truly received the greatest gift-a relationship with Jesus Christ. And the only natural response was to tell the world everything about Him and what He was doing in me and through me. I entered the ministry at the age of 19 and God has been using me to share this gift of Jesus Christ with women and girls using the vehicle of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I love sharing who He is and who He says we are as women! Am I perfect? Absolutely Not! That is what is so exciting about this gift, I don't have to be perfect because I am loved by perfection! Do I have it all together? Nope! But Jesus says through our weaknesses, He is made strong!

As you look around this website, it is my prayer that you find what you are looking for today. Whether you are wife of a coach or player, a woman who loves sports, a woman who just needs to be encouraged, or you are looking for a speaker for your event, may God give you a little gift of your own and speak to your heart.

God Bless YOU!